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Our Approach

We approach digital advertising by leveraging insights from data to drive conversion-driven strategies.


  • Targeting
  • Strategy
  • Managed Advertising
  • Integrations

Google Ads

Managed Programmatic Advertising

We pair digital advertising clients with certified programmatic advertising experts to encourage data-driven results and maximize the value of your ad-spend. By optimizing your cost-per-click and conversion campaigns, we ensure that every dollar goes farther.


Determine A Clear Message

Targeting your ads based on how well your products and services trend with users in certain locations, ages, genders, and device types improves optimization and ensures that your message is heard by the people that are most likely to buy.


Set Attainable Goals

We work with clients of all sizes to determine the best solutions for your industry and scale. The first step to creating successful ad campaigns is developing a game plan to ensure that your messaging is on point and your sales funnel is optimized. Instead of pushing clients to generic landing pages, we work with you to minimize barriers and improve conversions.

Managed Advertising

Achieve Your Full Ad Potential

If you just want an expert hand to guide your digital advertising solutions, managed advertising is the service you're looking for. Unlike many traditional agencies, we do not charge fixed management fees. Our managed advertising is based on a percentage of ad-spend. This way, your ad budget is your ad budget and there are no surprises. With an expert managing your ad-spend, the only thing that should surprise you is what can be achieved.


Hook Into Your Website To Unlock Powerful Analytics

From Google Tag Manager to Google Click to Call buttons, integrations with your website allow you to capture powerful analytics data. With the data in your hands, advertising can be optimized based on results - not guesswork. If you want to do more with your website, we also offer powerful email marketing integrations to help you retarget customers and encourage repeat sales.

Our Results

Rated 5 Stars on Google


2021 Readers' Choice

We are once again pleased to accept two awards from the Guelph Mercury Tribune's 2021 Reader's Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Proud to Accept

  • Platinum Winner Web Services/Design
  • Gold Winner Advertising/Marketing Agency

2020 Readers' Choice

We are pleased to accept two awards from the Guelph Mercury Tribune's 2020 Reader's Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Proud to Accept

  • Platinum Winner Advertising/Marketing Agency
  • Gold Winner Web Services/Design
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