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Business Centre Guelph-Wellington (BCGW) has been a cornerstone for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Guelph and Centre Wellington for over 20 years. The Business Centre has helped countless small businesses grow and scale but has historically faced challenges in sharing their success stories and standing out within their community.

Our team interviewed some of the local businesses and business owners that have experienced huge breakthroughs while working with BCGW. In our efforts, we interviewed 5 businesses and counting about their experiences with BCGW to help raise awareness of how much BCGW contributes to the Guelph Wellington community, while spotlighting the interviewed businesses as success stories in their own right.


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  • Launched on October 4, 2022


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Kyle James Dietrich
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“By planning and capturing authentic content, 2H Media engaged our audience and gave us the chance to stand out in our community.” — Kristel Manes, BCGW Executive Director


Planning & Execution

We sat down with the BCGW leadership to devise a plan for highlighting their impact in the community; We would develop engaging short videos focused on prominent local entrepreneurs sharing celebrating the help they had received from the business centre in reaching their own success. We would coordinate with BCGWs internal social media team to select the highest value opportunities and record videos that would resonnate with their audience. To kick off the project. we planned to interview 5 local business owners about their experience working with BCGW. We designed and developed a thorough onboarding document to provide interviewees with instructions and helpful tips to help them prepare for the interview in advance and make the interview day as enjoyable and as impactful as possible.

2h media team interviewing bcgw staff during strategy session


On Location, In Action

For each shoot, our team arrived on location at the interviewee's business to capture them in their element and to show off their business in action. A variety of B-roll footage was captured to bring an element of excitement to the finished videos. During the interviews, our producers worked directly with the interviewees to make the shoots fun and productive. This was about more than ticking off the items in a shot list. It was about getting to know the business owners and really understanding their unique stories.

aron murch and matthew herchel interview j murphy


Keep it Simple

After recording the footage, our team had full creative license to edit the finished sequences to capture the essence of the interviews. We kept the editing process simple and let the business owners speak for themselves. It wasn't about going overboard on graphics and effects. It was about giving business owners a platform to talk about their journeys with Business Centre Guelph-Wellington. In addition to full 2-4 minute cuts, we also assembled 30 second condensed sequences for use on social media. The result was a massive uptick in engagement and reactions, and a fantastic boost in BCGWs recognition in their community. With the success of the first round of videos, additional testimonials are being planned as an ongoing series.

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