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Boundless Accelerator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (formerly Innovation Guelph) helps unique, scalable businesses increase revenue, expand their teams, and bring new IP to market by providing customized strategic planning through their roster of over 50 experienced mentors. They capture regular feedback to refine their processes on the fly and ensure the highest level of support in a regional innovation centre. Their team of passionate leaders and facilitators work closely with government decision makers and are constantly striving to expand and refine their programming to produce tangible results that help you commercialize and go to market.

Innovation Guelph found themselves growing into a national organization. With their new growth they identified that the existing brand was no longer in line with their evolving vision and came to us for a solution. 2H Media was approached to facilitate a brand overhaul and guide the creation of all new assets including a new name, new logo, new colour selections, new fonts, and new design language, all organized in complete brand guidelines.


  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Launched on November 1, 2023
  • Maintained by Boundless Accelerator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
“Creating a new identity for a local organization that is such a beloved part of Guelph's business community was a real honour.” — Matthew Herchel, 2H Media Co-Founder & CFO

Strategy & Positioning

Laying a Foundation for Impactful Branding

We walked key figures from the organization's leadership, including the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Community growth through a series of positioning exercises. Starting by establishing the organization's brand values, we layered activities and discussions on top of each other to build a clear picture of what we were branding. Ultimately, our collaboration led to formalized brand values, an updated value proposition, a brand new name, and brand colours that use colour psychology to reflect the organizations brand values and industries of focus.

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Logo Design

Creating a Logo that is Boundless

With all of our tools in place, we designed a series of initial logo concepts to represent the Boundless brand. Together with the Boundless leadership, we refined and revised our initial concepts, improving them with each pass. The result was the new boundless logo that represents forward momentum. The logo leverages diverse colour gradients and flowing curves to break boundaries and celebrate the concept of boundlessness.

the boundless logo isolated on a white background

Brand Guidelines

Creating a Modern Design Language

To bring everything together, and empower the Boundless staff to independently create captivating designs, we built a methodical design language. By combining vibrant colours, soft gradients, and rounded fonts, we positioned the brand as both modern and innovative. All our work culminated in robust brand guidelines that outline the brand, highlight key design elements, and include clear usage instructions.

Boundless brand guidelines mocked up as a book isolated on a white background

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