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Rhyze Ventures is a custom-designed program created by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. They combine in-class learning, practical hands-on project work, mentorship, and peer-to-peer networking to address the biggest business challenges facing women-led businesses. Rhyze Ventures focuses on helping business owners to push their boundaries, and sees them through to implementation.

In collaboration with Rhyze Ventures and Innovation Guelph, 2H Media takes an active role in cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit of women in business. The 2H Media leadership has acted as digital marketing experts within the Rhyze Ventures program, providing specialized consulting at a reduced rate.


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  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aron Murch
  • Ben Hohner
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“I so appreciated having had the opportunity to work with 2H Media, and to attend some of their online workshops. Easy to communicate with, insightful, and knowledgeable. I'd jump at the chance to work together again.” — Robin Boles


Project-Based Consulting

The 2H Media leadership worked with Rhyze Ventures participants directly to overcome specific long-term digital business challenges. The scope of the consulting was limited to specific digital needs that could be addressed by the business owners with a little outside help through long-form consulting. Projects could take anywhere up to 3 months to complete and required regular meetings to share context and increase the opportunities for Rhyze Ventures participants to ask questions. Overall, 2H Media was able to successfully support over 35 women-led businesses through the Rhyze Ventures program.

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