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Sidonio's Shopify Refresh

Live well, dress really well.


Sidonio's and Art of Denim have been proudly serving Guelph and the surrounding area since 1978. In addition to providing their customers with unparalleled service, high-quality fabrics and extreme attention to detail, Sidonio's provides custom tailoring with every order to ensure the perfect fit.

2H Media worked with Sidonios and Art of Denim in 2019 to develop their presence on Shopify. The original scope included a beautiful look book with minimal ecommerce capabilities. Since then, an online shopping revolution has taken place, and Sidonio's and Art of Denim's leadership have recognized the value of selling online. Together, we reimagined their website as a powerful online selling tool with robust ecommerce capabilities.


  • Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing

Additional Details

  • Launched on April 8, 2021
  • Maintained by Sidonio's For Men and Art of Denim


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Sara Varasteh
“As consumers migrate to shopping online, conceiving imaginative ways to recreate the in-store experience becomes paramount to success.” — Matthew Herchel

Shopify Store Design

Replicating the In-Store Experience

To expand the functionality of the Sidonio's and Art of Denim online store, a brand-new sectioned theme was integrated. Each webpage was refined to better reflect the in-store experience. Definitive sorting and large images were prioritized to recreate the feeling of walking into the desired department. While an integrated chat-but allows the store's leadership to provide personalized support to online visitors, a minimalist design prevents the experience from feeling crowded. Every element of the store works in unison to provide a comfortable browsing experience and let the beauty and quality of the clothing speak for itself.

Shopify Navigation

What You See is What You Get

Designing a comprehensive navigation system without causing the website to feel bloated or crowded required delicate attention to detail. Product collections and tagging were implemented from the ground-up to ensure clear lines between product categories. Intuitive mega menus make the collections accessible from any page of the website. To enhance the overall look of the menus, a custom solution was implemented to include customizable menu images representing the highest level categories.

Shopify Products

Enhancing the Visual Experience

Improving the quality of the product pages entailed overhauling the layout and design. Generous whitespace was added to give product images room to breathe. To reduce the use of text and add an additional splash of colour, fabric swatches were included for key products. The overall focus was on ensuring that visitors have enough information to make a purchase without detracting from the visual elegance of the prdouct pages.

Email Marketing

Powerful Ecommerce Integration

When email marketing and ecommerce are built to work together, capturing conversions in the sales pipeline becomes just another part of the process. A complete Klaviyo integration allows Sidonio's and Art of Denim to retarget abandoned carts, reward repeat purchases, and even generate product reviews through automated workflows that trigger based on customer interactions with their Shopify store.

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