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Tech Undivided is an initiative for women tech founders. The program helps them grow and scale their businesses with a focus on raising capital, technology and IP commercialization, talent attraction and retention, and customer acquisition. Tech Undivided helps to reduce unconscious bias and create a more inclusive tech ecosystem by improving access to funding and mentorship for women tech founders.

With a long-awaited return to in-person, 2H Media was approached to help elevate the cohort 4 graduation through video and photography. In partnership with ventureLAB, we produced a graduation recap to highlight the importance of the Tech Undivided program, and showcase the cohort 4 graduating founders. Additionally, to congratulate the group of graduating founders, individual sizzle reels were captured for each founder or pair of founders behind a graduating businesses.


  • Film & Photography

Additional Details

  • Launched on June 15, 2022


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Kyle James Dietrich
  • Sara Varasteh

Graduation Recap

Celebrating Women Tech Founders

To capture the feel of the graduation and highlight the the importance of the program, a variety of footage was required. To create the finished segment, we interviewed two ventureLAB staff members with close ties to the program, and attended the graduation event to capture an abundance of B roll. The footage was carefully combined to showcase the graduation and create a cohesive narrative structure without muddying the original meaning of the interviewees commentary. The resulting 5 minute video effectively conveys the important impact of the Tech Undivided program on female tech founders in a traditionally male dominated industry.

2H Media filming the Tech Undivided Cohort 4 Graduation Party

Sizzle Reels

Creating Marketing Collateral

We interviewed each of the 7 founders graduating from Tech Undivided to find out what their businesses were all about. To create a cohesive structure and ease the process of capturing the founders' commentary, we formulated a refined list of questions and supplied it to the founders ahead of their interviews. While the majority of interviews were captured in the ventureLAB shared work space, zoom meetings were organized with remote founders that were not able to make it to the in-person shoots. Our team assembled each of the interviews individually to act as marketing material to promote the founders' businesses. The resulting segments have been presented by ventureLAB at trade shows and on social media.

close up of camera screen showing interviewee

Event Photography

Capturing Photography Behind the Scenes

The value of including people in advertising cannot be overstated. A variety of still and lifestyle photography acts as fuel to feed website content, social media posts, and even print advertisements. With these points in mind, we took advantage of the opportunity to do more with our time in the ventureLAB shared workspace by capturing additional behind the scenes photography during the filming of the sizzle reels and the graduation highlight video. Following the completion of the project, our library of behind the scenes images was shared with both ventureLAB and the graduating founders.

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