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Unicorn visual designer, programmer, entrepreneur.
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Co-Owner, CIO at 2H Media

As the Chief Information Officer at 2H Media, Aron plays an active role in making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources, implementing the information and computer technology systems, and overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for the business. In addition to his responsibilities as a partner, Aron acts as the design and development lead for the company, overseeing and implementing crucial branding and ecommerce projects.

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Over $1,000,000 raised

Aron's Story

Body Piercings, Board Games & Branding...

Born into a nomadic family, Aron’s story begins, in Surfers Paradise, Australia. By age 13 he had visited and lived in over 30 countries as his parents started and expanded a grassroots business (Nomad Silver) importing silver jewelry. Inheriting an adventurous spirit from his parents, Aron set out on a journey of entrepreneurialism at a young age, a path that would see him operating businesses around the world and in varied industries. With each new business venture, Aron's approach and capabilities evolved. Aron merged his operations with 2H Media in January 2020, bringing with him his client-base, and an aggressive range of service offerings to expand the 2H Media line of services.

“Design is artwork with a functional purpose that serves a clear goal.” — Aron Murch


Over $1,000,000 Raised

Aron is a Kickstarter veteran with over $1,000,000 raised and over 20 successfully funded projects. His experience on Kickstarter spans from concept to fulfillment, and all of the steps in between, including page layout, video production, and advertising. Aron has navigated all of the common pitfalls, from shady manufacturers and predatory ad networks to international fulfillment. His experience on Kickstarter has been a key factor in solidifying his belief in attainable goals, and transparent marketing.

corporate vision global business awards

Global Business Awards - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Aron was proud to be honoured as Corporate Vision's Young Enrepreneur of the Year 2021 in the 2021 Global Business Awards. As a co-owner of 2H Media and a serial entrepreneur, Aron was recognized for his extensive experience, achievements, and potential as a young entrepreneur.


Canadian SME 2021 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Aron was honoured to be nominated for the Godaddy Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Canadian SME National Business Awards 2021. Aron was nominated for his impactful work on our social enterprise initiative, sprintpoint.ca, which provides free business strategy resources for scaling businesses.

Past Work

Branding, Ecommerce

Rage Body Jewellery

As anyone with entrepreneurial parents understands, Aron began helping with family operations from an early age. His first taste of ecommerce, selling products and managing inventory came before he was in the 4th grade. By the early 2000s, Nomad Silver had transformed into Rage Body Jewellery, as the body piercing and tattooing industry exploded in Canada. Aron continued to work with the family business into his early adulthood and found himself managing 1000’s of products and maintaining relationships with suppliers from China, Thailand and Bali. Additionally, Aron was responsible for building and maintaining the company's e-commerce presence with a full wholesale and retail product offering.

Branding, Print Design, Strategy

Lynnvander Studios

Concurrently to his work at Rage Body Jewellery, Aron began working on a humble side-project that would soon take on a life of its own. Drawing on a long-term love of board games, Aron spent over 12 months designing, developing, and polishing the board game, Albion’s Legacy, together with long-time friend and mentor, Thomas Gofton. The game saw moderate success on Kickstarter, raising $39,739 in 2014 and propelled the side-project into a fully realized start-up (Lynnvander Studios). As Lynnvander Studios continued to thrive, with numerous successful Kickstarters, Aron stepped back from the family business to focus on Lynnvander Studios full time as co-founder, and creative and development lead on numerous projects. A decision that would soon create opportunities that he had never imagined possible, and see him travelling far from home once again. Lynnvander’s early Kickstarter success and their growing reputation within the board game community attracted the attention of major publishers around the world from Jasco Games (Nevada) to Riverhorse LTD (Europe). With the larger publishers came larger opportunities, including officially licensed projects such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Board Game (2016) and Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance ( 2018).


Branding, Print Design, Strategy

Afterlife Video Game Lounge

Propelled by the success of Lynnvander Studios, Aron became a partner at The Round Table Board Game Cafe, and later launched Afterlife, a video game bar in Downtown Guelph. Afterlife hosted weekly video game tournaments and trivia, running numerous events in partnership with the University of Guelph's Electronic Gaming Organization. The bar was known for its retro flare and specialty cocktails.


Branding, Print Design

Jakeman's Family Maple Products

After a few short years operating all 3 companies concurrently, Aron successfully exited the companies and turned his focus to various independent marketing and design projects. During this time, Aron built a steady client base and played a key role in nationwide and international projects such as a full rebrand for Jakeman's Family Maple Products. Aron worked with the Jakeman's family to complete a brand refresh to enhance their product packaging. Building on partially completed concepts, the Jakeman's brand refresh celebrated the history of the company with crisp reds and blacks that stand out against the minimalist white packaging. Updated branding was applied to the full line of products in time for a strong push into the grocery market.

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