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What Are the Benefits of Digital Ads?

What Are the Benefits of Digital Ads? Maximize Spend and ROI

Learn why digital ads beat billboards by offering targeted audiences and adjustable budgets for optimal ROI.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Christina from 2H Media and I'm going to answer the question, "why should you consider digital ads?" We're all familiar with the traditional billboard advertisement. It's a great way to be seen, and you know, if you're in a prime location, it's a great way to get a lot of eyes on your ad. Digital ads could be like a billboard.

You could have a big visual ad in a prime location, like a highly viewed website. But where it differs is that not everyone who visits that website will see your ad, but that's actually a good thing. Digital ads, unlike physical ads, allow you to target audiences based on a multitude of factors. Some examples include demographic, estimated income, interests, and previous search history.

It lets you find people who may already be looking for what you have to offer. And the great thing is, you'll show up right when they're looking for it. Digital advertising allows you to create an advertising journey. Digital ads have flexible budgets, meaning you can spend as much or as little as you want and modify your spend on a daily basis as needed. You can even improve your ROI by adjusting your spend and putting more dollars behind your more effective ads.

Lastly, digital ads allow you to gain insights from your audience that you can connect into your other digital platforms. You can create detailed customer profiles, enabling you to more effectively understand your ideal customer. All of this is possible because, unlike a billboard, digital ads include powerful, data driven insights. There's a lot you can gain from digital advertising, and if you're not, then likely your competitors already are.

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