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Introduction to Shipping

Explore the ins-and-outs of shipping your Shopify products
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Shipping your products is a key step in fulfilling your online orders. With a focus on Shopify, we break down all the common shipping methods along with their strengths and weaknesses. With more and more customers switching to online ordering, now is the best time to offer your products to a larger audience. Is your product ready to ship?

Agenda (2 hours)

  • Introduction: 20 minutes
  • eCommerce Shipping Canvas Overview: 25 minutes
  • Viability, shipping methods & packaging costs: 30 minutes
  • Advanced solutions & resources: 30 minutes
  • Questions & answers: 15 minutes

What you will Learn

Shipping with a plan

During this workshop, you will learn the most important factors that influence your shipping costs, and how to maximize your results whether your product is built for a local audience or ready to ship nationwide. Based on your unique requirements, you will learn to focus on your strengths and select shipping methods that are affordable and comparable with your competition.

What you will Do

Recording your work

In this workshop, you will complete an eCommerce shipping canvas. The canvas will challenge your product's shipping viability, packaging costs, and ultimately help you determine whether your product is fit for competitive shipping in Canada. Additionally, the canvas evaluates the shipping tactics your competition uses and your industry standards overall. With amazing tools already available in the Shopify ecosystem, and third-party tools designed to help you gain a competitive advantage online, creating an effective shipping strategy is becoming more achievable.

Still Have Questions?

We Have Answers

Here are some of the most common questions we hear before and after the workshop:

Where can I find the eCommerce Shipping Canvas?

The canvas can be found here: https://sprintpoint.ca/collections/free-resources/products/ecommerce-shipping-canvas

What do I need to bring?

A pen and paper is required. There will be extensive online searching. A laptop is highly recommended, but a phone or tablet can also be used.

How can I prepare beforehand?

Have a general sense of what shipping methods are most common within your industry.

Is this workshop virtual or in-person?

We offer this event virtually, and in-person (whenever possible). If you are booking this workshop for your organization, give us a call to walk through your options. If you are considering attending this workshop, follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming opportunities.

Is this workshop bilingual?

At present, this workshop is only offered in English.

Where will the workshop take place?

If you are booking this workshop for your organization, we are happy to offer the workshop virtually or on-location. If you are considering attending this workshop, follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming venues.

How many people can participate?

This workshop can support up to 40 attendants virtually or 20 attendants in-person.

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