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Manage the basics of your online store.
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One of the best-supported eCommerce platforms a small business owner can use to sell online is Shopify. This intuitive Canadian platform is highly expandable and packed with amazing features out of the box. When selling online, it is important to be able to closely manage your product listings and messaging. Shopify empowers business owners to continue running their business online without the need for ongoing development costs. This workshop is hands-on; you will create a product listing from scratch, learn to add or remove a shipping method and learn to manage the content on your homepage.

Agenda (3 hours)

  • Introduction: 15 minutes
  • Modifying a product: 20 minutes
  • Adding a product: 30 minutes
  • Adding a collection: 20 minutes
  • Q & A: 15 minutes
  • Lunch break: 60 minutes
  • Managing shipping: 30 minutes
  • Updating the homepage: 20 minutes
  • Q & A: 15 minutes

What you will Learn

Navigate the Shopify Admin

During this workshop participants will learn how to find the various components of their online store within the Shopify admin, from products and collections to menu links, shipping settings, and homepage content. Additionally, participants will learn the basic requirements for describing products in the eCommerce space. This workshop is led by at least 2 facilitators—a technical implementation expert and a marketing and branding specialist—who are available to answer any questions.

What you will Do

Manage Products and Collections

During this workshop, participants will create and tag a product, build an automatic collection, and add that collection to the header menu. Additionally, participants will review their shipping settings and learn how to offer free shipping on orders above a certain value.

Still Have Questions?

We Have Answers

Here are some of the most common questions we hear before and after the workshop:

Do I need to have a Shopify store already?

Yes. You will be working on your actual Shopify store. This workshop does not cover setting up a store.

Will I be able to participate if I have a premium theme / a free theme?

Yes. Shopify separates the design and the data. The steps of this workshop are independent from your chosen theme.

Who is this workshop for?

Business owners or managers with the authority to access and maintain a Shopify store.

What should I bring to the workshop?

A laptop is required, a smartphone or tablet will not be sufficient

Is this workshop virtual or in-person?

We offer this workshop virtually, and in-person (whenever possible). If you are booking this workshop for your organization, give us a call to walk through your options. If you are considering attending this workshop, follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming opportunities.

Is this workshop bilingual?

At present, this workshop is only offered in English.

Where will the workshop take place?

If you are booking this workshop for your organization, we are happy to offer the workshop virtually or on-location. If you are considering attending this workshop, follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming venues.

How many people can participate?

This workshop can support up to 40 attendants virtually or 20 attendants in-person.

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