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Adventurers & Adversaries

Fulfilling Fantasy


Adventurers & Adversaries is a collaboration between Norse Foundry® and Board Dog Games. This high quality range of 28mm resin miniatures brings character to your character with customization options including additional weapon selections and head variations. We worked closely with both companies to create a clearly defined visual identity that is classic but not stale.

Working closely with each company ensured that the visual identity of Adventurers & Adversaries was tailored to resonate with members of the passionately vocal gaming community to which the product is being sold.


  • Branding
  • Crowdfunding


  • Aron Murch


Instantly Nostalgic

The challenge in creating the visual identity for Adventurers & Adversaries was in conveying a feeling of familiarity while also highlighting the innovative nature of the product line. The map texture acts as the background for Adventurers & Adversaries products and is reminiscent of the grid map used in many classic role playing games. The logo was designed to feel modern without straying too far from the fantasy roots of the product line.

Brand elements applied to box mockup

Kickstarter Support

Successfully Funded

Adventurers & Adversaries was created by gamers for gamers, and was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. We created branded text headers, diagrams, and stretch goal charts for the first wave of Adventurers & Adversaries. After the first Kickstarter was fulfilled 3 months early, Adventurers & Adversaries returned to Kickstarter to fund a second wave of miniatures. We came back to the project to create additional kickstarter graphics, including character spotlights to showcase the alternate parts that are included with each miniature.

Adventurers & Adversaries Kickstarter Images

Product Packaging

Retail First

Product packaging for Adventurers & Adversaries was designed to maximize success at the retail level, and facilitate ease of use at all levels of distribution. Hang-tab packaging with visually striking front and side faces fits into a variety of different styles of retail display. Brightly coloured packaging stands out from the crowd when displayed in a busy retail space.

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