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Our Approach

Our approach to education is hands-on. We help business owners take action by teaching repeatable processes for completing key business tasks.


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Teaching Entrepreneurs

Sharing Our Expertise

We teach workshops for beginners and advanced users at Shopify and at small business enterprise centres across Ontario. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming workshops and visit our workshops page for details. Additionally, we are happy to make guest appearances at universities or corporate functions. Our collection of free guides and templates is always online.


Keynote & Public Speaking

Powerful keynote speaking should help you establish your event's main underlying theme. One of our senior leaders, Aron Murch or Matthew Herchel, will work with you to understand the messaging behind your event and will make an appearance with a tailored speech drawing on years of diverse business experience to hammer home the message that you are hoping to convey.


Hands-On Experience

Each of our workshops is purpose-built to serve a common need that we've encountered in small businesses over and over again. When you attend one of our workshops, you will focus on developing tools and strategy that can immediately begin serving your business. These aren't just feel-good pieces; they're actionable.


One-On-One Problem Solving

Sometimes personalized support is required to overcome the intimidating roadblocks to success. That's why we work with small business enterprise centres around Ontario to offer individual mentorship for small business owners. If you represent an enterprise-level corporation, hourly consulting is also available to help you solve specific challenges.

Guides & Templates

Open Source Resources

Sometimes you just need the right tools to help you develop your business on your own. We're proud to present sprintpoint.ca, which was developed by our leadership to provide free, open-source business tools to entrepreneurs at any stage of growth. With business owners of all sizes are encountering the same challenges, we thought, "Why not make the solution as easily accessible as we can?"

Our Results

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