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Creating a Discount Code in Shopify >

How to Create and Customize Discount Codes in Your Online Store

Beginner Shopify
Laptop showing the navigation page in the back end of Shopify clicking on Add Filter
Changing Product Filters in Shopify >

How to change product filters in your online store with Shopify 2.0

Beginner Shopify
2h media guide to creating custom pages in Shopify cover showing selecting a template for a new page
Adding Custom Pages in Shopify >

How to Add Custom Pages to Your Online Store in Shopify Online Store 2.0

Intermediate Shopify
Shopify Menus >

How to create and edit menus in Shopify

Beginner Shopify
Update Shopify Pricing >

3 Quick Ways To Change Product Pricing In Shopify

Beginner Shopify
Bulk Shopify Products >

How To Add Your First Shopify Product Via CSV

Intermediate Shopify
Bulk-Adding Alt Tags >

How An Agency Adds Alt Tags To Shopify Products In Bulk

Intermediate Shopify
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