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Hearing healthcare is evolving.
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AHead Simulations is advancing hearing healthcare through simulation by enabling better care, better products, and better experiences. Their flagship product, CARL is the only experiential hearing healthcare training platform to combine a physical patient simulator with clinically relevant curriculum and certifications, resulting in better clinical training and better patient outcomes.

2H Media partnered with the AHead Simulations leadership to design and develop a custom Shopify experience that would better represent CARL and his many features. A new Shopify website was developed from the ground-up to include advanced custom features built-into the Shopify customizor for easy maintenance and continued development. AHead Simulations is a growing company on the cutting edge of healthcare development. Our vision was to create a robust, feature-rich Shopify website that would grow alongside them for years to come.


  • Ecommerce

Additional Details

  • Launched on June 9, 2021
  • Maintained by AHead Simulations


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Sara Varasteh
Custom Sections
Product Stories
Customizable Pages
“Since AHead Simulations is pushing the boundries of experiential medical training, we wanted to reflect that in the design of the website. We set out from the start to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished on the Shopify platform.” — Aron Murch, 2H Media Chief Information Officer

Shopify Store Design

Show. Don't Tell.

In the design of the new AHead Simulations Shopify store, the visuals were everything. Custom features were implemented across the website to bring the images to the forefront while ensuring that the considerable range of product details and resources was easy to find. Within the header navigation, a custom megamenu implementation dynamically displays featured product images with anchor links directing visitors to individual sections of the product pages. Each product page features a unique product story with an abundance of high-resolution images, feature lists, video resources and documentation. There's a lot to unpack in this feature-rich site, and the clean design focuses on ensuring that the information is readily accessible and beautifully displayed.

Metafields and Stories

Information at a Glance

The CARL product line consists of high-value, high-context medical experiential-learning tools. When selling a product of this complexity online, effectively delivering key information is make-or-break. With that in mind, the product pages were deliberately organized to ensure that the highest priority information is available in one place without the need to delve deep into the website to answer specific questions. To effectively present this range of information without over-burdening the product pages, custom metafields were implemented to display product specifications in a skimmable chart. The lengthy product stories display additional product features and information interspersed with captivating images. To improve the user experience, a custom inline sticky menu was developed that follows the user down the page and ensures ease of navigation.

Strategy & Content

Collaborative Content Planning

Prior to commencing work on the Shopify website, we guided the AHead Simulations leadership through a long-form discovery and planning. By focusing on user-needs and company values, we were able to fine-tune the website content to best present the AHead Simulations messaging and core value proposition. From beginning to end, the process was expert led and collaborative. By working in a collaborative environment, we captured client feedback at every step and built out the finished content iteratively. This approach ensured that the finalized content came right from the source and was displayed in a format that followed industry-standard best practices.

AHead Simulations Shopify Website and Figma Wireframes on multiple devices

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