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The mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) experts at Bluroot developed a custom CRM called BluMortgage, specifically built for Canadian Mortgage professionals looking to grow. Powered by Zoho, BluMortgage CRM allows mortgage brokerages to start controlling every aspect of their deal flow pipeline.

2H Media partnered with the BluMortgage leadership team to develop an improved BluMortgage website that follows modern design trends and best practices for introducing software as a service. The BluMortgage website was rebuilt from the ground up with a robust design system and a focus on information hierarchy. Improved copywriting targeted specifically at mortgage brokers paired with prominent calls to action facilitated more engaging content and improved clickthrough rate.


  • Web Development
  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Maintained by BluMortgage


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aron Murch


Tech forward branding

Formalizing the BluMortgage brand guidelines allowed for earlier completion of the BluMortgage design system. Complete brand guidelines facilitated early rapid prototyping of a wide range of elements while ensuring development stayed true to the BluMortgage brand. Multiple shades of blue hammer home the tech-forward nature of the product, giving the website a clean and crisp feel. A focus on high contrast colours ensured legibility and allowed CTA's to jump from the page.

Web Development

Built for the future

A robust design system was created to allow drag-and-drop elements to be quickly created and rolled out for the website redesign. The design system was developed using modern SCSS standards and BEM markup to allow for efficient future development. Powerful design elements were created in the design system to allow page content to be updated and new pages to be created without the need for further programming. As the BluMortgage software continues to mature, the design system elements can be continuously updated to reflect the most modern design trends.

multiple screens showing different design elements on BluMortgage website


Industry specific targeting

Expanded copywriting across key pages of the website called specifically to mortgage brokers by targeting key areas in the deal flow pipeline. Industry jargon backed by thorough descriptions and no-nonsense feature lists allows BluMortgage to speak directly to the end-user and encourage active engagement of the desired target demographic. Industry-specific keywords were prioritized to increase the specificity of the website and improve search engine optimization.

image of laptop superimposed with block of copy text

App Integrations

Powered by Zoho

The BluMortgage CRM is built on the Zoho platform to ensure enterprise-level support and stability. To leverage the BluMortgage team's familiarity with the Zoho platform, key integrations were implemented to allow form data and chat data collected on the website to connect directly to their internal CRM. Relying on the Zoho integration for contact forms and mailing lists eliminated redundancy and allowed the BluMortgage team to maximize the effectiveness of their established skill sets.

blumortgage dashboard superimposed behind monitor showing blumortgage website

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