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Brighten Up is expanding into Fergus with the acquisition of Jester's Fun Factory. With the addition of the new location, Brighten Up wanted to refine their brand and modernize their imagery for future generations of kids, hobbyists and their local communities. The Brighten Up ownership team has deep roots with children's education and active learning. Throughout the brand revitalization, ensuring the long standing metaphors remained intact was paramount to keeping the brand true to their beliefs.

The moment we met Brighten Up our imaginations started exploring the endless opportunities from our childhood. With a 7 foot tall motorized Ferris wheel constructed from K'NEX on full display as you enter the store, we knew that we needed to enhance the brand with fun and curiosity. We worked with Chris and Stephanie to fully understand their approach to children's education and their views on inclusiveness. A new Ecommerce website is currently under construction on Shopify to further expand their vision.


  • Branding


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ben Hohner
“Creating the fresh new look for Brighten Up meant celebrating the old while applying modern design treatments to speak to the next generation of children.” — Aron Murch, Design Lead


Imagination is Everything.

Refreshing the Brighten Up brand included exploring new and familiar concepts. Keeping the established metaphor consistent was the ultimate goal to retain existing clientele. Creating an expansive brand guideline allows Brighten Up the ability to expand, while maintaining consistency to help create brand recognition.

Print Design

A perfect fit.

Imagery is everything. Having the ability to display consistent messaging to readers of all ages included establishing a firm set of guidelines. We built an easy to follow template system to allow Brighten Up staff members to create content and advertising for upcoming events with ease.


Curiosity perfected.

At 2H Media, we understand the joys of playing with toys. Having your senses tingle with excitement and every nerve ending scream with wonder is how children view a toy store. Toys Games Puzzles excite the mind and the soul, expanding imaginations and encouraging young minds to flourish.

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