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The Cannabis 45 podcast with Jon and George is a platform for cannabis industry experts to share facts and information and discuss a variety of topics relevant to cannabis producers of all sizes. The goal of the Cannabis 45 podcast, presented by GrowHaus Supply Co. is to cut the fluff, and share education on cannabis and cannabis production. To facilitate that goal, Jon Csordas and George Dickinson invite expert colleagues from across all sectors of the cannabis space, to speak with them on the show and provide accurate information from reliable sources.

2H Media films, produces, and distributes the Cannabis 45 Podcast. Distribution across multiple video and audio platforms encourages the maximum amount of viewership. We facilitate all aspects of production from brand voice and visuals, setup and tear-down, on-site recording, post production to coordinated marketing campaigns in collaboration with industry partners. The Cannabis 45 podcast leverages existing industry relationships and creates new opportunity for education and awareness within the Cannabis space.


  • Branding
  • Digital Advertising
  • Videography

Additional Details

  • Launched on July 27, 2020
  • Maintained by 2H Media


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aaron Soch
  • Jon Lazenby
  • Angela Poirier
“We've seen a real education gap in the cannabis space, and we wanted to provide expert advice and information for licensed producers of all sizes.” — Jon Csordas


Know your audience

In 2018, Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, passed in the senate as an important step in the process of legalizing and regulating cannabis in Canada. The groundbreaking bill granted adult Canadians the ability to legally purchase, grow and use a limited quantity of cannabis. In the wake of this historic act, a booming industry of licensed cannabis producers began to appear, growing into a thriving multi-billion dollar industry. Cannabis 45, named for the Cannabis Act, is targeted directly at those licensed producers. The brand utilizes iconic, immediately intuitive imagery to celebrate the space while maintaining a professional air. Understanding the target demographic was crucial for ensuring success in the Cannabis 45 brand. Cannabis 45, "The Facts or Nothing" is positioned as an authoritative source of education for working professionals in the cannabis space rather than a more casual source of entertainment for the end-user. This encouraged the use of clean lines, sensible logo lockups, and minimalist use of cannabis imagery.

cannabis 45 welcome package


Unyielding quality

Going hand-in-hand with the professional, no-nonsense branding, a line of Cannabis 45 merchandise was produced. In selecting and designing the Cannabis 45 clothes and accessories, quality was a key priority. Small runs of branded merchandise were produced using reputable sources. To ensure that the Cannabis 45 brand is associated with quality and reliability, we demanded the best or nothing in our merchandise selections.

Cannabis 45 branded merchandise


Creative solutions

The Cannabis 45 podcast was conceived during the height of the 2020 global pandemic. With the majority of trade-shows closing their doors to encourage social distancing, the cannabis industry was in need of a new platform to facilitate networking and awareness. Cannabis 45 brought industry professionals together in a safe, socially distanced space to discuss topical and relevant information in a time when industry growth could have easily been slowed by global circumstances. To encourage viewership and maximize the effectiveness of advertising efforts, the podcast was released on all major podcast channels.

cannabis 45 podcast and growhaus supply co across multiple devices

Public Relations

Maximizing partner collaboration

To create a welcoming and efficient process for both hosts and guests, extensive measures were implemented to eliminate confusion and increase the feasibility of collaboration. Branded documents were created to advise potential guests on what the podcast stands for and what to expect on set. Additionally, 2H Media works closely with the hosts to invite and welcome each podcast guest, ensuring that shoot details are easily accessible. Upon completion of each episode, 2H Media works with guests' companies and their internal marketing departments to ensure that all video content meets the brand standards for each represented company. Joint marketing efforts across all companies' social media channels are created collaboratively to maximize the return on investment for all parties.

Video Production

Trust the professionals

To ensure a successful production, additional personnel were brought on board to offer specialized expertise. Jonathan Lazenby, an experienced and talented videographer was contracted to consult on the initial production setup, and to create branded video elements. A 4 camera setup captures footage of guests and hosts. The set itself includes live cannabis plants as well as a GrowHaus Supply Co. branded backing wall. Branded Cannabis 45 mugs can be seen in the hands of guests and hosts during each episode. Each episode of the podcast additionally features a Cannabis 45 intro sequence, and branded lower thirds cards to introduce the hosts and their guests.

cannabis 45 set with filming

Audio Production

Studio Quality Sound

As podcasts are a primarily audio based concept, sound quality is a necessity. Shure microphones on boom style stands feed into a professional mixer to record crisp audio with a tight focus. Veteran audio technician, Aaron Soch monitors the mixer during shooting to ensure consistent audio levels. Mastering the sound in post production prepares the audio recordings for release across top podcast platforms.

Jon Csordas on mic black and white

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