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Champion Mortgage is at the frontier of the Canadian Mortgage industry, specializing in applying digital tools that empower homebuyers to reach their financial goals. We partnered with the Champion Mortgage leadership team to reposition their online assets and promote online awareness about the continuously changing mortgage rules and regulations.

Understanding the home buying process and the impacts of industry partners have led to incredible online conversion. Introducing information and leading with a focus on educating Canadian home buyers has increased Champion brand awareness, consumer trust and overall creates a better community.

2H Media now acts as Champion’s full-time external marketing team.


  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Digital Advertising

Additional Details

  • Launched on December 27, 2018
  • Maintained by Champion Mortgage


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ben Hohner
  • Ema Suvajac
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“Understanding consumer buying behaviors and focusing on best educational practices ensures the Champion brand is seen as a source of truth and promotes content sharing.” — Ben Hohner, Design Lead


Strength in numbers

Champion actively promotes community partners and proudly features content from key stakeholders. Working directly with industry partners immediately generated a positive return and acts as a cornerstone of Champions entire brand essence.

Web Development

Everyone talks

As the next generation of home buyers emerges in the market, we created a scalable design system to create content extremely quickly while maintaining all of Champions brand standards. Starting a conversation with a mortgage agent has never been easier.

Digital Advertising

Everyday, everytime for investment

As the Canadian mortgage industry and consumer behavior change, we continuously create and position empowering content encouraging home buyers to make the best financial decision possible. Consumer data drives all content creation, including how the content is positioned online. Designing a user friendly experience focused on financial literacy ensures homeowners from all walks of life can participate.

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