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CitrusWirx 2

Helping Reduce Contamination with Superior Protection


CitrusWirx2 surface wipes by RTS Companies Inc. are easy to use wipes that incorporate Quaternary Ammonia as the active ingredient. Listed as one of the most common and effective disinfectant ingredients, it helps kill most bacteria found on hard surfaces. With fast acting capability, it is perfect for applications that involve shared surfaces such as handles, doors, tables, and chairs. During the height of the 2020 global pandemic, RTS Companies Inc. sought to make CitrusWirx 2 more widely available through a robust eCommerce implementation.

We partnered with the RTS Companies Inc. leadership team to create a custom wholesale channel through the Shopify platform. A small number of essential SKUs were included with a clear focus on sanitizing and disinfecting. Given the growing importance of consumer safety, the site was built with a focus on demonstrating a powerful solution to a global need.


  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Film & Photography
  • Digital Advertising

Additional Details

  • Launched on June 23, 2020
  • Maintained by RTS Companies Inc


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ema Suvajac


Consistency for a corporate brand

In the business to business space, a strong corporate identity is more of a requirement than an option. Starting with an existing logo and a handful of key brand colours, a formalized brand guideline was created to ensure consistency across all web and advertising platforms. Additional accent colours were composed, and a crisp geometric typeface with friendly and open curves was selected to round out the CitrusWirx 2 brand. The combination of fonts and colours were refined to meet the highest web contrast standards for accessibility.

CitrusWIrx 2 brand guidelines superimposed over computer monitor showing website


Crisp. Clean. Corporate.

To better resonate with business to business clients, and reinforce CitrusWirx 2 as an essential product, a highly-structured premium Shopify theme was selected as a base. The theme was heavily modified to reflect the CitrusWirx 2 brand, and product pages were expanded to showcase detailed product information. The design of the website was focused on maximizing performance as a sales tool, and ensuring ease of use for corporate buyers.


Optimized for eCommerce

We partnered with Ema Suvajac of eVox Studios to fully update the CitrusWirx 2 product photography. Crisp, clean product shots isolated on white backgrounds allow potential customers to appreciate every aspect of product design. Clear, professional photography enhances the eCommerce purchasing experience and improves the overall performance of the online store. Often B2B products undergo extreme vetting prior to company wide roll-out, showcasing additional photography increases corporate adoption.

App Integration

Protected pricing for wholesale products

Powerful Shopify apps were manually integrated to protect pricing information on across all pages of the website. Wholesale customers log-in, with centrally controlled accounts that allow them to access wholesale pricing and make purchases. Each customer has the option to receive unique pricing based on their relationship and any purchasing factor governed at RTS Companies Inc. discretion.

Web Development

Improving user experience through custom code

To showcase all required product data in a customer-friendly format, custom product pages were created to allow for the use of metafields to create detailed product specification tables. Implementing metafields required custom code but allowed for a code-free user experience; RTS Companies Inc. employees are able to update specification tables using a streamlined graphical user interface, with no coding required.

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