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Denbigh Farms

A Marquardt family farm since 1860


Denbigh farms is a family-owned farm specializing in traditional syrup-making techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the same maples that were once tapped by the first Marquardts are still tapped today. The family has also ventured into other passive farming activities such as honey and birch syrup production. Since they have such a strong connection with the land, the Marquardt family recognizes the need to produce these new products sustainably so that future generations can enjoy the resources brought from the land as much as they do.

We worked with the Denbigh farms leadership to develop a beautiful online store that celebrates the history of the Canadian family-owned farm. Together, we blended a modernized brand with traditional looking photography to create an updated website with a timeless feel. The new online store was built on the Shopify platform to ensure robust performance, and allow the Marquardt family to capture online sales in the expanding Ontario honey and maple syrup markets.


  • Ecommerce
  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Launched on November 7, 2020
  • Maintained by Denbigh Farms


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aron Murch
“Tell your client, that their store looks beautiful, and I love their products!” — Lexi W, Shopify Support

Art Direction

Modern standards with traditional application

We worked one on one with the Marquardt family to develop an art style that was consistent, highly legible, and effectively showcased their range of products. To allow the client to manage their own content as products are added in the future, repeatability was prioritized. The results of our collaboration can be seen in the soft photography present across the entire website.

Denbigh Farms product photography


On point and accessible

To facilitate a user-friendly and accessible website, updated brand guidelines were developed from the ground-up. The updated typography was selected to lend the brand a classic feel. Warm shades of yellow, and red combined with ample whitespace compliment the product photography and lend the website a softer appearance overall.

Denbigh Farms - Brand Guides


Trusted performance and local support

To allow the Marquardt family to begin capturing online sales, their updated website was built on the Shopify platform. We selected Shopify for its proven reliability and wide range of features. The local Ontario support that is available with the platform made it a natural choice for this growing family business. In addition to the initial setup and install of the website, we provided in-depth training to allow the client to begin working comfortably on the platform. A shipping strategy was developed to maximize the effectiveness of selling honey and syrup products online, and allow for local pickup and delivery.

Denbigh Farms - Shipping Selector

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