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Dungeon Notes

Keep track of your home game like never before.


Dungeon Notes is an innovative system designed for Dungeon & Dragons players to help D&D enthusiasts keep track of their characters and their game journey. A set of 5E Journals and Guided Sticky Notes for both D&D Players and DMs were crowd funded on Kickstarter.

In collaboration with the 1985 Games leadership, we brought yet another Kickstarter campaign to life. In this project, we branded and designed 3 journals, 4 different packs of sticky notes, each serving a specific purpose, in addition to Dungeon Notes Kickstarter graphics. We started with a detailed branding process to determine the structure and details of the design elements. In the next steps, we designed all products from the Dungeon Notes line followed by graphical elements for the Dungeon Notes Kickstarter campaign.


  • Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Crowdfunding

Additional Details

  • Launched on March 9, 2021


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Sara Varasteh


Familiar but unique

From typography to colours, every visual element was designed to be unique yet, ensure harmony and add to the immersion for the 5th edition D&D Player. B&W paperlike look, hash lines and vintage fonts were all used in both journals and sticky notes to bring a classic touch, reflecting 1985 Games' signature retro feel.


Innovation, coordination, and harmony

We were responsible for designing three journals and four packs of sticky notes, each with its own unique purpose. While we wanted Dungeon Notes to stand out and have an independent identity, we also wanted to design products that are compatible with Dungeons & Dragons. Therefore, we designed each component with the purpose of being distinguishable from other Dungeon Notes components but all easily recognizable as the same line of products.

UI/UX Design

Artful simplicity

Our design system's focus for the Dungeon Notes journals and sticky notes was to simplify complexity without compromising the mysterious nature of the game. We focused on creating a set of products that are easy and fun to use with just enough touch of creativity to keep players engaged.

Print Design

Focused purpose

When we set out to design the Dungeon Notes journals and sticky notes, our intent was to create a streamlined process that would take the project from concept to production with as few intermediary steps as possible. All visual elements were created as vectors that were used across Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign to build out the production-ready files. Concept sketches were transformed into vectors as early in the process as possible to facilitate a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

Kickstarter Support

Conceptualizing and building a successful campaign

For a successful Kickstarter campaign, we carefully designed and created supporting graphics, headers, and icons that harmonized with the Dungeon Notes branding and gave their campaign page a dynamic look. The stretch-goal chart is particularly noteworthy in the technique that was used to make the locked goals and unlocked goals visually distinct while applying a partially-sketched appearance that feels natural when associated with the products in the Dungeon Notes line.

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