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FreshLeaf Marketing is a small but growing company serving B2B clients with brands in the natural health, food, research, and healthcare sectors. FreshLeaf Marketing leverages a scientific background to apply marketing techniques in a language and style that appeals to the larger scientific community.

2H Media collaborated with Jennifer Andrews, the founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at FreshLeaf to build a modern website that reflects FreshLeaf brand values. The website is fully responsive and utilizes modern SEO and analytics software to allow FreshLeaf to make informed marketing decisions based on actual data.


  • Web Development
  • Branding


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ben Hohner
  • Jennifer Andrews


Systems make solutions better

A modern design system ensures consistency of page elements across the entire website. The FreshLeaf brand colours were utilized to create high-contrast page elements that are highly visible and maintain effective information hierarchy. Additional content can be created flawlessly by non technical users, ensuring new information is always at the forefront online.

computer showing FreshLeaf Marketing website with branded page elements


Turning Concepts into a Website

We worked closely with Jennifer to develop initial concept art into a fully built-out website. People first means working together and this collaboration was no different. Shared vision and brand values ensured high quality results. From inception to launch the website was built on Jennifer's extensive industry background.

laptop showing the creation of a website mockup in photoshop

Web Development

Refined. Polished. Complete.

As the website was developed, static mock-ups became real web pages which were brought to life with subtle animations. Ease of use is a top priority; the website presents authentic information through minimalist elements that allow the content to speak for itself. Time on page is highly coveted and one of the top conversion indicators for marketing companies.

laptop on full desk showing FreshLeaf website

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