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Innovative Thermal Solutions

It's cooling.


Innovative Thermal Solutions Inc. (ITS) designs, manufactures and delivers air cooled and liquid cooled heat sinks, heat pipes, and two-phase thermal syphon assemblies for the electronics industry. They partner with their customers as thermal experts to support their product development efforts.

We partnered with the ITS leadership to create a tech-forward website with a modern design system reflecting the tech-focused nature of their company. To facilitate the creation of the new ITS website, a visual identity was conceptualized, featuring cool blues and simple yet robust typefaces. The project focus was on creating a visually clean website that would stand the test of time while allowing the ITS management to control their own content.


  • Web Development
  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Maintained by Innovative Thermal Solutions


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aron Murch
  • Ema Suvajac


Visual elements working in harmony.

To enhance the consistency and overall look of the website, brand guidelines were created to formalize Innovative Thermal Solutions' visual identity. Cool blue tones and light shades of gray were utilized to lend the brand a fresh, clean aesthetic. Lato was selected as the preferred brand font for its crisp lines and robust range of weights. The typeface appears quite “transparent” when used in body text and its classical proportions give the letterforms a harmony and elegance. The brand visuals acting in harmony reflect the nature of complex cooling systems working in a constant flow to balance the thermal demands of industrial projects.

ITS website displayed across multiple devices


Cool. Clean. Crisp.

In the overall design of the website, visual clarity was prioritized. Liberal use of whitespace allows visitors' eyes to focus on the content. While the information surrounding thermal management and heat sinks is both dense and highly technical, the approach was to balance the weight of the content with an elegant, and minimalist design. At the same time, repeated design motifs pull in the cooling blue tons selected in the brand guidelines, and infuse the website with a spark of creativity for a more modern, tech-forward feel.

macbook showcasing its homepage icons

Web Development

The power of a custom design system.

A bespoke design system was created to allow rapid development of fully featured web pages from component parts. The collection of branded elements and guidelines creates a convenient, and centralized database of the website's evolving organisms. Paired with a lightweight drag and drop builder, the design system allows even non-technical staff to collaborate on new web pages or adjustments to existing web pages. The expandable nature of the system allows the website to grow with the company, facilitating agile feature development to keep pace with new ITS products and services.

design system elements surrounding macbook displaying website


Showcasing the beauty of engineering.

To capture the simplicity and elegance of ITS's cold plate technology, we partnered with Ema Suvajac of eVox Studios to shoot original product photography. Photography was taken from multiple angles to allow all sides of the cold plates to be featured on the website. The comprehensive photo shoot allowed for the creation of a stunning case study demonstrating ITS's engineering mastery.

cold plate photography

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