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Jakeman's Maple Products

Family owned since 1876
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A family tradition for more than 140 years, Jakeman's pure maple syrup is locally sourced from over 200 small maple syrup farms. Jakeman's is the largest maple syrup producer in Ontario, serving grocery and gift stores across Canada. Jakeman's distributes internationally, shipping product all the way to Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

A brand refresh encompassing the entire Jakeman's line helped prepare the rural Canadian company for a massive push into new markets. Consumers are growing more conscientious of where their food is coming from, and Jakeman's local Ontario roots are a key value in their brand voice.


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  • Aron Murch
“The Jakeman's brand embraces over 140 years of tradition in a way that feels distinguished rather than dated.” — Aron Murch


Embracing Heritage

The Jakeman's logo and brand colours were refined to help the product stand out on busy store shelves. A return to crisp reds and blacks improves the logo contrast and pulls in elements from the history of the brand. The bright red maple leaf evokes the image of the Canadian maple tree, reinforcing the local Canadian brand voice.

Jakeman's Logo Timeline

Print Design

Equally at home in gift and grocery

A challenge of updating the full line of Jakeman's products was creating a look and feel appropriate for the grocery industry while retaining enough of a souvenir feel to allow for continued sale in gift stores. Minimalist white frames with refined copy text stand out against stunning photographs of Canada's natural beauty to create an elegant combination that speaks for itself on any store shelf. Further challenges were introduced when creating variant packaging for the international market. A thorough understanding of nutrition label requirements in Canada and international markets was required.

jakemans maple cream cookie boxes showing niagara falls and mountain view

Marketing Collateral

Taking Canada Abroad

Jakeman's attends trade shows and expos internationally. Marketing collateral was created to speak to purchasers around the world about the benefits of Jakeman's pure maple syrup. Portability was a significant factor in the design of collateral for convention use. Lightweight designs convey key messaging without a massive physical footprint.

Jakemans family maple products pull-up-banner and brochure

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