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Moon Rozier LPC is a boutique criminal defence law firm that has a distinct willingness to engage in long trial matters. This discrete firm specializes in high profile criminal defence trials with brilliant success. We partnered with the Principals of the firm to capture striking imagery which enabled a clearly defined visual identity and brand voice.

Collaborating closely with each additional team member ensured compelling personality within the project framework. Revitalizing their online presence to resemble the true nature of the firm allowed us to seamlessly echo their intensity in the courtroom.


  • Web Development
  • Branding

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  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ben Hohner
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“A picture is worth a thousand words. The Moon Rozier website treads away from heavy textual content and focuses on capturing the audience’s attention through striking imagery. This enables viewers to form an accelerated relationship with the firm and drastically increases client conversion.” — Matthew Herchel, Marketing Strategist

Branding & Positioning

With Authority.

The firm’s personalities are truly powerful, their abilities to motivate thoughts, inescapable. We forged a powerful digital presence, vital to their desired clientele and brand image. We captured simple images that paired with a regal colour scheme to generate remarkably powerful tones. Exactly what you can expect from a dominant criminal defence attorney.

Content Creation

A wolf in wolf’s clothing.

We purposely positioned the Moon Rozier staff ahead of a stark stone backdrop located in their natural working environment. The desired look defines their confidence and is a reminder of their hardened expertise. This motif showcases a genuine representation of what clients can expect from the firm, and emboldens the company motto “Cry havoc and let loose the hounds of war.”

a sample magazine rendering featuring 2H media's print design capabilities

Web Development


When the lawyers at Moon Rozier speak, people listen. We designed an easy to use platform that allows for growing content management and user friendliness. The Moon Rozier lawyers often appear in the news and are considered leaders in the industry; having the ability to introduce fresh content to their audience is paramount.

A composite showing priority guides, code, and finished website

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