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Norse Foundry® is a specialty tabletop gaming accessory manufacturer. Since 2011, Norse Foundry® has sought to enhance the tabletop gaming experience by providing quality accessories, invoking imaginative and memorable moments.

We worked closely with the Norse Foundry® leadership team, enhancing their visual identity and creating a design language bespoke to their iconic logo and stunning fantasy illustrations. Additionally, we created a series of design concepts for physical product lines that were brought to life as enamel pins and other gaming accessories.


  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Launched on March 9, 2020
  • Maintained by Norse Foundry


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
“Norse Foundry® is a pioneer of luxury tabletop gaming equipment. Their visual identity reflects the best of gaming while being reminiscent of traditional luxury items.” — Aron Murch, Product Lead

Print Design

Old Inspires New

Creating a product catalog specifically for luxury tabletop gaming accessories meant diving into the history of the gaming industry. Guidebooks for classic adventure games inspired the application of fantastical twists on an otherwise elegant visual brand.


Refined Fantasy

A consistent design language creates visual harmony across all sections of the product catalog. Green overlays mute the illustrated backgrounds allowing products to draw visual focus. Thin gold accents bond the logo to the foundation of the language. Delicate weights balance strength with elegance and class.


Wear With Pride

Original concept illustrations were created for a complete range of enamel pins. Colourful and friendly designs are distinct within the gaming community and in busy convention halls. Classic creatures and items from instantly recognizable fantasy games inspire modern gamer fashion.


Protecting Legacy

Metal and gemstone dice deserve to be stored with the same care as any luxury item. Cherry hex chests offer hardened secure storage while hand illustrated designs are engraved in the finish. Neodymium magnet latches create a gripping bond to keep precious contents from prying eyes.

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