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Pure Nutrients is the nutrient choice of top growers. Manufactured with only the highest pure grade quality elements found on the planet, these professional cannabis nutrients have been developed by agronomists specifically for cannabis plants’ unique needs and are designed to maximize yields. Every batch of Pure is 3rd party lab-tested to be free of heavy metals and pesticides.

When Jon and George from GrowHaus Supply Co. approached us to develop a brand-new look for the Pure product line, we knew the product line needed to have its own bold identity, separate from the GrowHaus brand. We partnered with the GrowHaus leadership to develop a distinct product brand that would appeal to wholesale purchasers in the cannabis space with the same elegant simplicity as the GrowHaus brand.


  • Branding

Additional Details

  • Launched on May 17, 2021


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel
  • Sara Varasteh
“In business to business branding, the challenge is creating a simplistic brand that still feels exciting.” — Aron Murch

Visual Branding

Balancing All Elements

Formalized brand guidelines were created to record the Pure brand. The Pure brand would need to balance striking cannabis-centric visuals while maintaining a brand-safe business to business feel. Inspiration was taken from the original Pure line, with the accent colours and cannabis leaf globe carried over and tweaked just enough to build harmony with the modern elements of the brand. The accent colours were darkened slightly to improve legibility against a white background. The leaf globe was re-drawn as a vector for use on a variety of styles of product packaging. Overall, the priority was to create a visual brand that would maintain the GrowHaus standard.

Product Packaging

Diverse Applications

The Pure product line will encoumpas a wide range of products. At launch, the focus was on creating packaging for the Pure Nutrients line of cannabis fertilizer. A variety of labels were created to wrap both industrial-sized buckets and retail-friendly tubs. Finally, a window box with custom die line was created to combine the individual retail tubs into a complete nutrient kit. Across all packaging, color and icons were used to allow the Pure brand to pop. The logo was given visual priority to allow the Pure Nutrients brand to stand out on the shelf.

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