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Sprintpoint is our in-house initiative to share the resources we use internally every day with a wider network of businesses. Sprintpoint was co-founded by Aron Murch and Matthew Herchel of 2H Media in response to a recurring need for business development tools among clients and colleagues.

From its inception, we worked towards Sprintpoint's growth every day and watched our vision become a reality. We started by creating and developing brand guidelines that best demonstrated the concept of Sprintpoint. A Shopify store was designed and built shortly after, as the primary platform for Sprintpoint to share strategy tools and resources with small businesses that strive to grow. The Sprintpoint resource library is a constant source of activity with new resources being developed every day.


  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Education
  • Videography

Additional Details

  • Launched on December 9, 2020
  • Maintained by 2H Media


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Aron Murch
  • Sara Varasteh
“When small business becomes big business through customer-focused best practices, everyone wins.” — Aron Murch


Brand Guidelines & Brand Identity

To reflect the tech-forward open-source nature of the initiative, purposeful branding was developed for Sprintpoint. Bright blues and greens reflect the hopeful nature of the organization, and playful typefaces invite users to explore. The Sprintpoint brand consists of high-contrast WCAG 2.0 compliant colour combinations, and an artful Memphis-inspired design language. The result is a modern look that feels professional without coming across as stuffy.

Sprintpoint brand guidlines


Comprehensive and Accessible

From the very beginning, Sprintpoint's goal was to be accessible to anyone who seeks strategy tools and resources to help their business thrive. Shopify was chosen due to its excellent reliability and extensive features to be Sprintpoints leading platform and house all Sprintpoint resources.

Sprintpoint shopify store free resources and collections



To share additional product specifications and details about Sprintpoint resources, a custom meta-field integration was implemented. Additional fields were added to each resource to indicate print requirements and completion time.

Sprintpoint meta fields and product specs


Shopify's Digital Downloads App

In order to offer hassle-free access to Sprintpoint resources, Shopify's Digital Downloads App was integrated. Users are able to access their chosen resources immediately after completing checkout through a simple email link.

Sprintpoint Shopify Downloads App


Free Resources For Growing Businesses

Beyond designing a user-friendly and accessible website, Sprintpoint resources were also thoughtfully designed to be easily utilized as both digital and physical copies. Every resource created for Sprintpoint was mindfully designed with the intention of being comprehensible, coherent and easy to use by users with different experience levels. All resources include precise descriptions and explanations to walk users through the tool step by step so they can get excellent results.

Sprintpoint free business resources and tools in use

Film & Photography

Strategy In Action

Video is one of the most powerful means of communication, and its popularity is continuously increasing. To compliment Sprintpoint's free resources, a series of videos was launched focusing on business strategy and education. All Sprintpoint videos were recorded in 2H Media's studio with professional audio and video recording equipment. All videos were then edited to match Sprintpoint's branding and ensure high-quality video and audio.

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