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Wellington Ortho & Rehab is the leading sports medicine and rehabilitation centre servicing Guelph and Centre-Wellington. The surgeons and trainers help National and OHL hockey teams, University athletes and Canadian Olympic athletes. They have strong local roots, bringing world class health care practices to the local community. From everyday common concerns to specialized treatments, the amazing practitioners at Wellington Ortho & Rehab are best in class.

We worked closely with the Wellington-Ortho & Rehab management team to revitalize their digital brand. Finding a great doctor can be difficult. We partnered with Ema Suvajac to create stunning visuals that encapsulate the unique emotions and personalities of each practitioner. Meeting your new favourite health care practitioner has never been healthier.


  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Film & Photography

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  • Maintained by Wellington Ortho & Rehab


  • Matthew Herchel
  • Ben Hohner
  • Ema Suvajac


Hello Doctor.

Great healthcare is personal. Increasing staff visibility was paramount in accelerating customer engagement. New patients can begin gaining confidence with a click of a mouse. Each practitioner is positioned to show off their unique skill set and abilities. Displaying local and national involvement truly embodies the core values of the entire practice. Building a meaningful relationship with your healthcare practitioner is the first step in healing. The back end requires ZERO programming - adding and updating team members education and expertise can be completed in minutes.

Web Development

Understanding Healthcare

The Canadian healthcare system is complicated enough; finding the best qualified service provider should be a breeze. Creating an amazing user experience meant breaking down each service type into its core components. Information hierarchy was used to help users of any age and technology understanding get the information that is most important to them. We took a user first approach to break down common questions and concerns. Each service now displays practitioners that can help potential clients in the areas they need the most.


Consistency is Healthy

The leaders of the practice have long established relationships with the local community. We wanted to create an easy to follow guide to help internal staff members create content and further expand their community awareness. As more and more of the Canadian population inches towards retirement, brand recognition will be a key determining factor in both referrals and quality selection. Creating additional content is now an easy process, allowing the experts to broadcast their knowledge in the fastest and most effective method possible.

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