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RTS Home Accents is constantly working to find new and improved products for your home and garden. They are committed to providing products that are beneficial for the environment and also manufactured with the environment in mind. At RTS Home Accents, they believe it is important to keep both our homes and our planet clean and beautiful. They offer a wide variety of products for the home including anything from indoor planters to outdoor rain collection systems.

Following the completion of the CitrusWirx website, we partnered with the RTS Companies leadership once again to migrate the Canadian RTS Home Accents website onto the Shopify platform. From formalized brand guidelines to custom ecommerce features, we worked together to modernize the website, prioritizing a user-friendly experience. At the same time, the visual and branding applied to the website entailed a careful balance of fresh identity with cohesive harmony with the larger RTS Companies brand.


  • Ecommerce
  • Branding
  • Digital Advertising

Additional Details

  • Launched on May 27, 2021
  • Maintained by RTS Companies Inc


  • Aron Murch
  • Matthew Herchel


Consistent Character

In developing formalized brand guidelines for RTS Home Accents, consistency was key. While the home accents brand needed to be distinct and consumer-focused, it also needed to mesh seamlessly with the other RTS Companies brands. With this in mind, the Roboto Condensed font family was carried over from the CitrusWirx brand guidelines and the Roboto Slab font family was added to create bold headings with a proud classic feel. By experimenting with new brand elements but adhering to the Roboto superfamily, we were able to create distinct visual differences while carrying over a pleasing throughline.

Front View iMac Pro Mockup displaying RTS Home Accents website


Bursting With Features

In keeping with the overall goal of creating a harmoneous online experience, the Shopify Warehouse theme was used to create consistency across other RTS Companies websites. However; this was far from a straight duplicate. In addition to fresh brand visuals, the RTS Home Accents website is made unique by a range of bold custom features. From custom-implemented metafields (predating the Shopify Online Store 2.0 update) to unique product and collection page templates, to custom out of stock notices, all elements of this online experience were crafted to ensure clear communication with visitors while reducing app costs and keeping maintenance complexity to a minimum. The result is a beautiful, efficient online store with a tidy professional feel.

Front View iMac Pro Mockups displaying custom features of RTS home accents website

Digital Advertising

Optimized for Advertising

Digital advertising is a key to success in the e-commerce space. In supporting RTS Companies through managed digital advertising, we knew we would be able to drive traffic to the website but that's only the first half of the process. The website itself was tuned to convert customers with clear CTAs and specific landing pages allowing for targeted digital advertising with high relevance.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Mockup displaying rts home accents product page

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